Creative Management and Marketing

Module code: ENTE 3506

Module description

This module aims to introduce students to 'new ways of seeing' their external and internal business environments through creative perspectives. It uses experiential learning such as cross - cultural negotiations, to encourage students to apply contemporary concepts of managing relationships in global industry networks.

The module uses both creative management and creative marketing philosophies to illuminate the processes behind groundbreaking innovations that transform industries. It also examines new approaches to customer relationship management from a network perspective, such as the growing reliance by organisations on crowdsourcing.

Contact hours per student per year

During online delivery:
Lectures: Asynchronous (equivalent to 2 hours of in-session dedication each week).
Seminars: 1-hour online session each week.

During face-to-face delivery (if we return to our normal teaching format during 2020/21)
Lectures: 2-hours lectures each week.
Seminars: 1-hour session every other week.


  • Report: 50%
  • Essay: 50%

Additional costs: Props for roleplay simulation and purchase of books