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Contemporary Issues in Advertising and PR

Module code: MARK 3020

Module description

This module is for third year undergraduate students who want to attain a deeper understanding of how Advertising and PR research translates into practice. Through examination of classic and modern theories, students will analyse and evaluate the contemporary roles of Advertising and PR. The module will start by considering the different development paths of Advertising and PR in order to better understand their modern convergence. Their theoretical foundations will be compared and contrasted and then considered in the light of contemporary academic and practitioner research. The module will also examine modern techniques in the light of relevant research and theory. Finally, we will look to the future and to predicted industry developments.

One of the main features of this module is flexibility. Students can choose theoretical paths to follow in more depth. The Advertising and PR techniques included will change with changes in practice. The overall aim is to allow students to develop the insight, and flexibility, both to successfully use new tools as and when they are introduced, and to be the driving force behind the development of innovative techniques.

Consequently, the assessment scheme is progressive. Students will be required to assimilate and then explain the theories around a chosen topic. They will be expected to brief other students on a topic and then to write up the brief. They will have the opportunity to produce a best practice paper.

The final essay will be on a contemporary technique or research approach and brings together the knowledge gained and critical skills previously practised.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 10 hours
  • Tutorials: 10 hours


  • Blog and justification (1500 words): 50%
  • Peer reflection of presentation (1000 words): 50% 

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books