Company Law

Module code: LLBP 3009

Module description

Companies are a popular way of organising for business and this module examines how and why they are formed, how they are financed and managed and how the law protects minority shareholders. The Companies Act 2000 has significantly reformed company law and introduced a large number of provisions, there is therefore quite a lot of statutory material to look at but lots of interesting case law as well. Every effort is made to link the material to news stories from the corporate world. This module builds on Business Entities in the second year but there is no requirement for students to have studied on this.

Topics of study include; what is a company? Concepts of legal personality and limited liability, how a company is formed; promotion, formation and registration. There will need to be consideration of a company's constitution, including the Articles of Association in particular, who manages a company and an analysis of the statutory duties of directors. Shares - class rights and shareholders remedies are also studied. Issues in financing the company - equity and debt and maintenance of capital, together with the related issue of insolvency and ways of dissolving a company are also included.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 44 hours
  • Tutorials: 10 hours


  • Corporate advice letter (2000 words): 50%
  • Unseen examination (120 mins): 50%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books

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