Applied Econometrics

Module code: ECON3540

Module description

This module provides students with a sound practical understanding of applied econometrics using statistical  software (e.g. Stata one of the most widely adopted, reliable and well recognized statistical software for economists across sectors. The focus of this module include four key aspects: 1. Illustrate with relevant real world examples and research case studies so to synthesize the understanding of key econometric methods  that are widely applied by economists and the capability of applying them in practice; 2. Explore the capabilities  of statistical software (e.g. Stata) in data management and analytics via weekly lab sessions and replicate  selected empirical models using real world data; 3. Extend the students' competence in incorporating modern econometric techniques as the technical and practical extension of the classic econometric methods students  have priorly learned; 4. Applications in a variety of areas (including microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance)  will be exploited in this applied-modelling oriented module so to equip students with practical knowledge and skills across subjects.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Practical Workshops: 23 hours


  • Individual presentation: 40%
  • Coursework: 60%