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Working Capital Management

Module code: ACFI 2305

Module description

Cash and working capital management represent two of the most important activities of the treasury function within an organization. Their successful planning and application will make the difference between the efficient utilization of financial resources leading to the adequate financial support of companies' key activities and operations; and the potential creation of financial distress.

This module introduces students to the role and the key activities of treasury management and how these activities assist companies in supporting the overall corporate financial strategy. Students will be exposed to the aspects of working capital management and its main approaches, treasury structures and processes, corporate finance and funding; and, liquidity management and forecasting. This module also considers certain technical concepts of the treasury management function, some of the international aspects of the liquidity management; as well as, the use of short- and medium-term borrowing and lending.

This specialized module combined with the ACFI2303 (Corporate Finance) provides an excellent coverage on the different theories and practical issues of the corporate finance area; and creates the necessary foundations for understanding the applied aspect of the financial derivative products that will be examined in year three of the programme.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 22 hours
  • Tutorials: 23 hours


  • Business Case study (2250 words): 100%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books