Substantive EU Law (15 Credits)

Module code: LLBP 2019

Module description

This is an optional 15 credit module available in year 2. It is an important subject with a wide range of appeal. It is a subject relevant to those with an interest in business law; welfare and immigration and there are aspects relevant to criminal law.

For those interested in business law, it is particularly relevant because it covers EU rules on free movement of goods which relates to the use of fiscal and non-fiscal barriers to trade as well as an introduction to competition law. In addition, the subject will also be of interest to those with an interest in welfare and immigration because it covers the free movement of workers and the evolving rights developed from EU citizenship.

The study of this subject is a great diversion from common law subjects. EU law is far more accessible than common law subjects. The case law and legislation is readily available from the EU website. The cases are easy to read, not as long as common law decisions and the EU judges collectively produce a single ruling in each case. Having no formal system of precedent means that the focus is on the principles, reasoning and policy.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 22 hours


  • Phase test: 50%
  • Coursework: 50%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books

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