Politics in Action

Module code: POPP 2515

Module description 

This module provides students with an understanding of politics in action. This is achieved by providing students with an opportunity to participate in a project organised in collaboration with #DMUlocal which aims to enhance the engagement of young people in politics and public policy. The module aims to enhance students' employability skills by providing opportunities for them to develop their team working and project management skills in a concentrated bloc of activity.

The project is an innovative task which will provide students with an opportunity to link theory and practice in a way which has a demonstrable impact within the wider community of Leicester and Leicestershire. Students will take responsibility for designing and leading on projects of their choice, linked with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This might for instance be about:

  • Raising awareness about a development goal
  • Orgnanising an event
  • Undertaking volunteering work
  • Working with local schools to increase engagement with politics through #Bethechange

Students will consider the characteristics of politics through the way that decisions are taken and the manner by which management and decision making operates in a politics related setting. In so doing, students will understand the nature of policy making, consider the characteristics of the policy-making environment, and examine the nature of the project's activity through self-appraisal and reflective analysis.

The project is supported by workshops. In these workshops students will work with the module tutor and colleagues from #DMUlocal to draft the project proposal, receive feedback on the project proposal, and implement the project. Students will also be supported in the production of a reflective assignment in which they will construct and comment on personal SWOT analyses for incorporation, and critically evaluate how their experience has helped them meet key criteria in the subject benchmark statement.

Contact hours per student per year

The total time on the module will be determined by the nature of the project and the commitments made by the students. It is expected that there will be:

  • Weekly workshops in term 1 (10 weeks @2 hrs per week) - 20 hours
  • Fortnightly workshops in term 2 (7 weeks @2hrs per week) - 14 hours
  • Self directed learning each week – reflective work towards assessment (20 weeks @1hr per week) - 20 hours
  • Self directed study: working in teams and on project – 95 hrs
  • Mentoring - (3 sessions @20 minutes) - 1 hour


  • Students submit a reflective piece of work at the end of the module, which forms 100% of the module assessment. They can choose the format of their submission from the following: 2,500 words, or 8 slide powerpoint, or 15 minute podcast, or 15 minute video, or A1 poster.

Additional costs: There may be some small costs involved in participating in the module, for example, for paying for a taxi journey or bus fare. The costs and contributions will depend on the nature of the projects, as well as choices made by the students about their engagement and contribution. Where possible, these small expenses may be avoided through careful project planning by the students and seeking approval for expenses in advance.