Political Research in Action

Module code: POPP 2513

Module description

This module provides an introduction to the approaches, methods and theories that shape the analysis of politics, government and international relations. The module advances the significance of the relationship between knowledge and the methods used for investigation.

This module will:

  1. Outline the main principles of social research including the relationship between theory and research practice;
  2. Consider the characteristics of quantitative and qualitative approaches, and the comparative strengths and limitations of these approaches;
  3. Examine the nature of research design, data collection methods and how the collected data is handled. 

After the completion of this module, students will be able to:

  1. Understand the importance of validity and reliability within empirical research
  2. Understand the importance of theory for the questions we ask and how we understand the answers we get
  3. Understand the comparative strengths and limitations of different research methods, and that there is no universally 'best' approach
  4. Apply research skills in practical settings, thereby enhancing employability prospects

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lecture/Large group teaching: 9 hours
  • Seminar: 5 hours
  • Practical: 6 hours


Essay 1: 50% (1,500 words)
Essay 2: 50% (800 words)

Additional costs: No extra costs other than the purchase of books