Global Issues in Strategic Financial Planning

Module code: ACFI 2050

Module description

The module will be delivered at a partner institution overseas, as part of the second year of the student's studies at DMU. It will be taught in a two week block, prior to the commencement of the academic year (September).


  • Hofstede's cultural dimensions framework for cross-cultural communication

Global Finance

  • Global financial systems
  • Causes of a financial crisis
  • The role of supervision worldwide using pan national organisations (e.g. IMF & WB), in a changing political and economic environment
  • Lessons learnt from past crises ( e.g. European, Scandinavian, Emerging Markets) and how they may help to avoid future economic downturns
  • The financial system in an uncertain and dynamic global environment

Financial Forensics

  • Cyber-crime: assessing its cost and impact
  • Money laundering and financing of illegal activities
  • Real time information and cyber-security
  • Cyber finance in an evolving world


  • Development of environmental management: the ethics versus the business case
  • Case study of a multinational and its environmental aspects and impacts
  • The impact of sustainability on investment decisions
  • Environmental accounting and reporting (a survey of major international companies)
  • Sustainability opportunities and challenges in global expansion

The learning outcomes are as follows:

  1. To consider and rationalise the impact of cultural dimensions on financial systems, financial crime and sustainability.
  2. To examine and appraise worldwide financial crises and assess their impact and ability to inform, in a changing global environment.
  3. To review and evaluate the evolving development of financial forensics, within a variety of international scenarios.
  4. To appreciate the global developments in sustainability and consider their impact of profitability and reporting.
  5. To develop an ability to carry out research utilising a full range of academic materials.
  6. To analyse data, evaluate theories and effectively communicate findings.
  7. To develop global citizenship skills and enhanced employability

Contact hours per student per year

  • Tutorials: 5 hours


  • Group presentation (750 words per member): 50%
  • Essay on comtemporary issues (1500 words): 50%

Additional costs: Cost of travel and accomodation in Copenhagen, Denmark. A bursary from #DMUglobal will be provided.

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