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Experiential Workshops

Module code: PAMG 2424

Module description

This module bring students together for a longer period of time than is normally possible to create an environment for them to share their experiences, ideas and problems. The majority of the students on the current part-time evening course are employed in public bodies or commercial organizations. They will bring to the course diverse backgrounds and experiences that should be exploited to facilitate the process of transferring learning to practice. This module also provides a platform for students to interact with their peers. In addition to the consequential difficulty in identifying themselves closely with their fellow students, the lack of opportunity for cross fertilisation also diminishes the extent to which they can benefit from the studies. The module including an intensive study block aims to overcome these problems. This module will: 1.Outline the nature of public policy making through a key task exercise; 2. Consider the characteristics the public policy-making environment through a simulation exercise and individual and group work; 3. Examine the nature of the experiential workshop through self-appraisal and reflective analysis.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 24 hours
  • Tutorials: 32 hours


  • Case study 70%
  • Reflective Assignment 30%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books