Employment Relations

Module code: HRMG 2203

Module description

This module seeks to provide an accessible and critical introduction to the employment relationship.

The material is divided into three parts. Initially we explore changes in the contemporary environment in which work takes place. This involves an analysis of the shifting legal, economic, technological, social and political-landscape. The second part of the module then considers aspects of workplace regulation before moving on to consider how employees experience the world of work. Few would argue that recent decades have witnessed a shift in the balance of power away from employees and their agents (i.e. trade unions) towards management. This dynamic has provided space for new forms of managerialism, both in terms of the management of the employment relationship and novel modes of work organisation. One corollary is that employees have been exposed to a barrage of initiatives including human resource management, teamworking, employee involvement schemes and high performance work systems - to name just a few. While these may represent a refinement of managerial practice an important issue concerns their impact on employees. We pick up on these and other themes in the second part of the module. In the final group of lectures we compare and contrast the nature of the employment relationship in various key sectors of the economy.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 22 hours
  • Tutorials: 8 hours
  • Students are expected to undertake up to 3 hours a week self-directed study


  • In class timed Essay (40 mins): 30%
  • Essay (1500 words): 70%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than the purchase of books

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