Module code: LLBP 2013

Module description

Criminology involves the study of crime, criminals and criminality. The module includes study of the extent of crime; the effects of crime on victims and society; explanations of criminal behaviour; the role and functions of the criminal justice system, in particular policing; punishment and sentencing. The influence in this area of both fictional and news media, together with political factors are a topic for debate whilst the main focus is on the various private and state agencies of social control in the modern world. There is as much consideration of why individuals conform to rules as there is discussion of why people are deviant.

There is some consideration of psychological theories about deviance but the main focus is on sociological theories of crime and criminality. Statistics and trends will be studied, in particular the use and abuse of crime statistics including those gathered by the police and victimisation studies such as the British Crime Survey. Some study of prison statistics is also undertaken as well. The study is centred on the issues found in the United kingdom but there is an international focus too, for instance on the global issues of migration, terrorism and white collar crime.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 44 hours
  • Tutorials: 11 hours


  • Essay 1: 25%
  • Essay 2: 25%
  • Multiple choice test: 25%
  • Exam: 25%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books