Corporate Finance

Module code: ACFI 2303

Module description

Finance can be simply described as the branch of economic science concerned with the acquisition of money, the allocation and management of money resources, and the maximisation of wealth via optimum investment decision-making. Therefore, by definition, financial decision-making is crucial for all companies as the successful choice of money resources and implementation of investment decisions will secure survival and expansion of the business entity.

This module introduces students to some of the main principles of corporate financial decision-making and their impact in real life financial decisions. Using normative economic theory as the basic philosophical foundation, students are introduced into the three essential parts of corporate finance, namely:-

  • The financing decisions
  • The dividend policy
  • The investment decisions

This module enhances students' understanding of the corporate financial management process, complements the technical knowledge gained from the study of Equity and Fixed-Income Valuation; and Working Capital Management in year two of their studies. It also introduces the empirical aspect of the mathematical and statistical theories examined in Mathematics for Economists and Statistics and Probability Theory in year one.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 22 hours
  • Tutorials: 23 hours


  • Investment appraisal case study (50 mins): 30%
  • Unseen exam (90 mins): 70%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books