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Advertising and Promotion

Module code: MARK 2314

Module description

This module evaluates a wide range of promotional tools: advertising, public relations, sales promotion, personal selling, sponsorship, direct marketing and promotional packaging. Promotion, one of the 4 Ps, is also known as Marketing Communications and the module starts by considering communications theory, as well as various models of how advertising might work. However, the majority of the module is about the individual promotional tools and how best to use them to achieve an organisation's communication objectives and an integrated communications campaign. 

The key elements of a successful promotional campaign are the audience, the message and the media. By the end of the module, students should understand the issues around reaching the right people with the right message. For example, will you use, television, press, Internet, radio, cinema, mobile phones, social media or more unusual ambient media such as pavements, hot air balloons or even people? We'll assess a wide range of real campaigns across different media and critically evaluate how successful they are. The module is taught through lectures and tutorials, and students work both individually and in groups. 

There is a comprehensive Blackboard website which includes private, group pages to assist students with their assignments. Case studies, videos and class exercises are used to illustrate the theories and concepts presented and to help develop analytical and decision making skills. Assessment is based around a realistic agency situation, with a team putting together a client pitch (a presentation designed to win new advertising business or to retain an existing agency customer). 

Students take on the roles of key agency personnel in order to analyse the market situation and devise a suitable campaign. However, although some of the assessment is in a group the majority of the marks for this module are awarded on an individual basis.

Contact hours

  • Lectures: 44 hours
  • Seminars: 22 hours


  • Group Presentation and Individual Creative Brief (10-15 minute presentation and 1000 word individual report) 70%
  • Customer Persona infographic and justification (1000 words): 30%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books