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Jean Monnet Module

Politics of the European Union

Project number: 574790-EPP-1-2016-1-UK-EPPJMO-MODULE


In 2016 we were awarded a three-year grant under the Jean Monnet Programme to support teaching on our second year undergraduate Politics of the European Union module. Led by Professor Alasdair Blair, this allows us to extend our teaching and research in this area and builds on the university’s commitment to outreach and engagement typified by the Department of Politics 100 Ideas to Change Britain and 100 Ideas to Change Europe.

The Jean Monnet funding will enable the university to:

  • Bring together students from different subject disciplines to learn about European integration;
  • Provide students and members of the public with an understanding of how the European Union works through the European Parliament to Campus programme;
  • Increase awareness of the contested nature of the EU policy-making environment through a simulation exercise.

Over the three years of the project the University has organised visits by Former Members of the European Parliament who have contributed to classroom discussions and engaged in outreach activities with local colleges. On each of these occasions the university has organised a large scale European Question Time event that has been open to members of the public.


In October 2016 the university hosted the former President of the European Parliament, Jose Gil Robles, along with former German MEP Barbara Weiler and Irish MEP Gay Mitchell.

In January 2018 the university hosted former German MEP Doris Pack and British MEP Ben Patterson. In March 2019 the university hosted former Swedish MEP Olle Schmidt and Irish MEP Seán Ó Neachtain.

The following resources are provided to assist students with an understanding of the European Union: