Principles of Marketing

Module code: MARK 1500

Module description

The Principles of Marketing module is intended to provide both an introduction to the topic as well as providing you with a basic grounding in the theory and practice of marketing as a business management discipline. The course is designed to give you the opportunity to learn about the simple mechanics of the subject and to give you practical exercises in how to use the techniques presented to you.

The range of marketing concepts that students will be introduced to include the strategic marketing orientation, the marketing environment, buyer behaviour, market segmentation, targeting and positioning, marketing research, management of the marketing mix, brand development and marketing planning. The module is complete in itself, so for those of you who will have this as your only contact with marketing as an academic subject, you will have experienced and achieved a solid level of understanding of the topic.

For those of you who are going on to study marketing in the future, the course will provide you with an understanding of how the parts fit together, along with the basic skills needed to get off to a flying start with your studies in the more specialised marketing topics in subsequent years.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 22 hours
  • Tutorials: 8 hours


  • Online examination (50%)
  • Other coursework (50%)

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books