Management Accounting

Module code: ACFI1302

Module description

A highly technically orientated module intended to develop a high level of skill utilising commonly and regularly used Management Accounting procedures and techniques.

Indicative module content is likely to include the following:

Costing fundamentals - a detailed review of the basics of costing to include, classification, materials, labour and overhead recovery.

Decision making - an introduction to marginal costing, contribution theory and simple CVP analysis to include; key factors (scarce resources), special orders, assessing alternative plans, break-even analysis.

Planning and Control to include;

  • Budgetary planning control. The role of accounting information in management control. The multiple functions of budgets, the process of budget preparation, the master budget, cash budgets, flexed budgets and fixed budgets.

  • Standard costing - standard setting, including an introduction to variance analysis concentrating on  variances for material, labour, overheads and sales to include the examination of the causes of and solutions to variances.

  • Long term planning and decision making with special reference to Capital Appraisal. Four methods will be studied, Payback, Accounting Rate of Return, NPV and IRR. There will be a brief evaluation of the time value of money and the management of the CA process.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 30 hours
  • Tutorials: 30 hours


  • Competency test (open book) (30  mins): 30%
  • Unseen exam (90 mins): 70%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books

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