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Local Government and Politics

Module code: PAMG 1106

Module description

This module will provide a general introduction to the study of government and politics in the context of the changing environment in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Included in this will be an overview of how the different tiers of government function and their roles and responsibilities. Theoretical approaches to how government functions and is organized will also be included. The module examines the changing nature of Hong Kong politics and provides an introduction to the study of Hong Kong politics. It investigates the interaction among the institutions, agencies and actors involved in the operation of government. Underpinning the module is the nature of political and governmental interaction between the citizen and the HKSAR government and the factors which influence that relationship or generate pressure for change. Today, all aspects of government activity and policy come under close public scrutiny, not only for the value system that underpins it but also for in Hong Kong politics and come up with solutions to problems and crisis in governance. Indicative Content Development of Hong Kong's political system; One country Two Systems; the constitutional framework; the executive; the legislature; the judiciary; district councils, advisory bodies and statutory bodies; the administration; local politics; election system; elections; democracy; political parties; pressure groups; civil society; political identity, culture and participation; mass media and public opinion; the changing relations between Hong Kong and Mainland; Hong Kong and the external environment.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 52 hours
  • Tutorials: 26 hours


  • Component 1 50
  • Component 2 50%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books