Introduction to Work and Organisations

Module code: HRMG 1202

Module description

Introduction to Work and Organisations introduces students to a range of mainstream and more critical theories and research in the wider field of Organisational Behaviour. This module draws insights from psychology, political science, social psychology, anthropology, economics and sociology. This course will introduce you to some of the central theories and frameworks in the work and organisational theory, and will tie them to concrete organizational situations.

As it explores behaviours at an individual, group and organisational level and seeks to explain why individuals and groups behave differently in different contexts. It distinguishes between formal and informal organisation at work, comparing key principles of organisational design and their impact on organisational effectiveness. It outlines the principles of management which underlie the design of work and examines the influence of technology on job satisfaction and the motivation to work.

The topics covered in this module contribute to developing an understanding of how organisations influence the world around us and how the behaviour of people within them is central to this process. Critically, this course will provide you with a basis for understanding and evaluating organisations and their management practices, regardless of whether you aspire to be in a management position

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 21 hours
  • Tutorials: 8 hours

Other: Private Study - 50 hours


  • Case Study (1000 words): 50%
  • Essay (1250 words): 50%

Additional Costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books