Global Supply Chain Management

Module code: ACFI 5056

Module description

Increasingly effective global supply chain management is seen as a 'strategic asset' which can improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and financial results and is, therefore, a key aspect of an organisation's broader goals and strategy. The topic raises many contemporary issues and the content will include:

  • The development of Management Accounting (Mechanistic to post-mechanistic)
  • Managing intangibles in a changing environment - such as global supply chain relationships
  • Managing information, knowledge management, learning organisationsThe mechanics of the value chain through Porter - in depth consideration of procurement, logistics etc. and links to secondary functions - IT, HR, Finance etc.- leading to enhanced customer value
  • Contingency Theory and Institutional Theory related to the design of processes and systems. Leading to Continuous improvement, Lean Thinking, JIT, TQM
  • Outsourcing of elements, or all, of the supply chain - supply chain management as a service
  • Link to M & A activity - backward and forward integration in the Supply Chain (also links to Porters Five Forces) - the consideration of the internalising of transactions
  • Measuring supply chain costs and performance
  • Risk Management of the supply chain - need to create a resilient, sustainable, yet agile and flexible, supply chain

Contact hours per student per year

  • Seminar: 3 hours


  • Presentation: 40%
  • Written individual piece of work: 60%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books