Issues Relating to the Creation and Saving of Life

Module code: LLMP 5283

Module description

This module investigates the regulatory framework that governs assisted reproductive techniques and the use of human organs and tissues; the control of fertility; pre-natal detection, selection and avoidance of disability, gender and other traits; the creation, control and destruction of embryos; ownership and possession of human body parts; the use of human tissue for transplantation, research and teaching. It also considers an individual's control and autonomy with respect to their own bodies and payments and incentives for donation of organs and tissues.


  • Sterilising individuals with learning disabilities
  • Liability for negligently performed sterilisations/abortions and genetic advice
  • Wrongful Life actions
  • In vitro fertilisation, GIFT and other infertility techniques
  • Regulation of infertility procedures
  • Surrogacy arrangements
  • Embryo and Foetal research
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and 'Designer Babies'
  • Living organ donor transplantation
  • Cadaveric organ donor transplantation, including non-heart-beating donation and elective ventilation
  • Organ and tissue retention issues
  • Buying and selling human organs and tissue

A variety of self-assessment questions are built into the module.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Tutorials: 3 hours (optional)


  • Essay: 40%
  • Essay 2: 60%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than the purchase of books