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Executive Company Project

Module code: LCBS5064

Module description

The Executive Company Project (ECP) offers an opportunity for students to gain experience working with the business community. For three months, students on the ECP will work to complete a project for a host organisation, allowing them to apply knowledge gained on the course. The ECP also allows students to engage with parties external to the University and assists in the development of skills relevant to future career enhancement.

*The ECP is subject to availability. To be eligible to undertake the ECP you must hold a sufficient level of academic achievement and pass an assessment and selection process similar to a process you would experience on the graduate job market.


The ECP will require students to be flexible to the needs of the host organisation and may require working inside the business or remotely. Projects can be given to either individual or groups of students depending on the needs of the host organisation. Students will be required to manage their time, communicate professionally and regularly with their host organisation throughout the duration of the project ECPs may be proposed by any kind of organisation, including companies of various sizes and not-for-profit organisations. Students can also self-source their own projects. Please note all students will be required take part in a recruitment selection process.

(For students who do not want to go participate in a selection process we recommend the Consulting Project).


Students will be required to participate in an interactive manadatory ECP pre-preparation programme where external trainers with industry experience and innovative methods are invited to help students to not only prepare for the ECP but for a successful future career.


Students will prepare a business report in the form of a consultancy report, complete with an explanation of the problem they addressed in this project; the methods used and theories applied to analyse the problem, as well as the results of research undertaken. The host organisation will receive a copy of the report and students may be required to present their findings to the host organisation.

Assessment weightings:

  • Situational Brief - 15%
  • Project Brief – 75%
  • Professional Behaviours – 10% (Informed by the feedback from the host organisation as part of the overall professional behaviours and engagement of the student and moderated by the ECP team using all the evidence available to us)

Learning outcomes

  1. Develop knowledge and practical experience of management consultancy (subject related)
  2. Apply a range of management knowledge and skills to a management problem (subject related)
  3. Capacity for independent, self-managed work experience (QAA xi) (non subject related)
  4. Completion of a consultancy report (QAA v) (non subject related)
  5. Presentation of the consultancy report to the sponsoring organisation (QAA vi) (non subject related)
  6. Learn through reflection on practice and experience (QAA xii) (non subject related)

Additional Costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books.

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