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Entrepreneurship Project

Module code: LCBS5031

Module description

The Entrepreneurship Project offers students the opportunity to turn a business idea into a business plan, to conduct research on the viability of the plan and receive feedback from experts. In completing the project, students will apply theoretical knowledge gained on their programme and link theory with real life practical issues and decisions. The Entrepreneurship Project also allows students to engage with parties external to the University who can assist the development of skills relevant to future career enhancement. The Entrepreneurship Project may be pursued by students who are considering starting their own business or any student who wants to develop entrepreneurial skills, which are highly valued in companies and organisations.

This project will be supported by a project tutor, and a mentor with entrepreneurial experience. Students are expected to prepare a report in the form of a business plan; an executive summary of their business idea, the remedy proposed by the business proposal, a full market and financial analysis, as well as a summary presentation Students will be expected to apply theories and concepts from their models in the project. The Entrepreneurship Project is independent, supported by the student’s tutor and mentor.  

At the end of the Entrepreneurship Project, students will present their plan to a panel of 'mock investors' and will receive feedback that will be valuable if the student decides to take their business plan further.

Module Requirements

The Entrepreneurship Project assumes that students will have a thorough understanding of business research, analysis, and financial acumen to enable the construction and delivery of a comprehensive business idea. Studies from an undergraduate and postgraduate level should be used (where appropriate) to show a breadth of understanding to the areas required in the project, but also a depth of understanding in the entrepreneurial idea.

The Entrepreneurship Project does not require that the student already has a business or has studied a commercially based programme. Many students have strong creative ideas inspired by new opportunities, and the Entrepreneurship Project gives the student the time, and academic and commercial support, to develop and refine these ideas into a viable, structured, and comprehensive business plan.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop knowledge and practical experience of business plan creation.
  2. Apply a range of management knowledge and skills to building a business.
  3. Capacity for independent, self-managed work experience.
  4. Presentation of the plan to mentors and academics.
  5. Learn through reflection on practice and experience.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Academic tutor hours: 15 hours


  • Project and formal presentation: 100%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books