Research Methods for Marketers

Module code: MARK 5069

Module description

Research Methods for Marketers develops further knowledge of research techniques. The module develops research and analysis skills for an in-depth understanding of markets in preparation for the final project or dissertation.

This module aims to build on the initial student competence in Market Research from Semester One and to extend understanding of how research approaches match different marketing contexts - such as the marketing agency context, the small firm context and the non-profit or cosial marketing context. Students will be encouraged to develop familiarity with research methodologies for academic marketing research and to adopt some rigour in their approach to research design. The module develops the skills and techniques involved in sourcing and analysing secondary data within a particular market context. Focus on primary research will include an overview of research methods such as questionnaire surveys, focus group and depth interview approaches, observation, media content analysis, Netnography and documentary/narrative analysis.

In workshops, students will develop individual skills in the selecting and design of appropriate research plans and in evaluating the contextual factors which might lead to a qualitative or quantitative orientation. Throughout the module, independent learning will be encouraged, as will initial data construction and entry skills, numerical competence and ability to choose between methodological choices for qualitative studies.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 36 hours


  • Portfolio: 50%
  • Seen exam: 50%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books