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The European Convention on Human Rights

Module code: LLMP 5303

Module description

The module examines a range of matters relating to the European Convention on Human Rights. It looks at the background to the drafting of the ECHR and the institutional framework of the Convention machinery. It also examines the nature of the substantive rights and freedoms protected under the ECHR's articles and protocols. The module considers how the ECHR can be updated and reformed as well as the process of applying to the Strasbourg Court and the admissibility criteria which an application must satisfy. Attention is paid to the ability of states to derogate from ECHR rights and freedoms, and to the doctrines of the margin of appreciation and proportionality which have emerged from the Strasbourg jurisprudence.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Tutorials: 2 hours (optional)


  • Assignment: 100%

Additional costs:Students may choose to purchase one or more textbooks relevant to the module. Students may choose to attend the optional Study days and incur travel/accommodation costs.