Light Pollution Law

Module code: LLMP 5219

Module description

Topic one: The problems posed by obtrusive lighting

  • Energy waste and carbon emissions
  • The negative effects on human health
  • The negative effects on wildlife
  • Nuisance lighting
  • Statutory Nuisance
  • Domestic planning guidance and the regulation of luminaires
  • Other EU Member State initiatives
  • EU controls
  • The US Model Lighting Ordnance

Learning Outcomes:

  1. To have a significant ability to work and research independently and seek advice as required.
  2. To have a significant ability to identify and prioritise source materials needed for a clear and proper understanding of the subject.
  3. To have a critical awareness of the factors which currently shape the law relating to obtrusive lighting.
  4. To have a sound analytic and critical appreciation of practices within the field of obtrusive lighting.
  5. To have a wide awareness of the global issues at the forefront of obtrusive lighting, and the ability to apply it critically in a variety of contexts.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Tutorials: 3 hours


  • Assignment (5,000 words): 100%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books