Individual Employment Law

Module code: LLMP5274

Module description

This module takes the student through the employment relationship from its inception to its termination. It looks at sources of contractual terms, express and implied terms, the duties incumbent on both employer and employee and protection from dismissal - both at common law and by statute.

Learning outcomes

  1. Have a significant ability to work and research independently and seek advice as required
  2. Have a significant ability to identify and prioritise source materials needed for a clear and proper understanding of the subject
  3. Have a critical awareness of the factors which currently shape individual employment law
  4. Have a sound analytical and critical appreciation of practices within the individual employment law field
  5. Have a wide awareness of issues at the forefront of individual employment law and the ability to apply it critically in a variety of contexts

Contact hours per student per year



  • Essay 1: 40%
  • Essay 2: 60%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books