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Sale and Supply of Goods

Module code: LLMP 5266

Module description

Topic 1 - The passing of property and risk; title disputes

  • Subject introduction and background.
  • SS 16-19 Sale of Goods Act and the rules governing the passage of property for business sales.
  • Section 20A - the new rule relating to the passage of property in unascertained goods.
  • Ascertainment and unconditional appropriation.
  • The passing of risk.
  • Perishing of goods.
  • Title disputes between buyer and seller.
  • Title disputes involving third parties.

Topic 2 - Obligations of the seller

  • Delivery
  • Implied terms as to the right to sell, description, quality and fitness in commercial contracts (ss 12-15 Sale of Goods Act)

Topic 3 - Remedies for breach of contract

  • The seller's remedies in rem - lien, stoppage in transit, resale, and reservation of title clauses
  • The buyer's remedies in rem - rejection
  • The seller's personal remedies - action for the price and damages for non-acceptance
  • The buyer's personal remedies - damages for non-delivery and damages for breach of condition/warranty

Contact hours per student per year

  • Tutorials: 3 hours (delivered on study days)


  • Assignment: 100%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than the purchase of books and materials