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Module code: POPP 5026

Module description

This module is designed to enable students to complete a project entailing independent study and the use of appropriate research techniques and source materials. It may consist of a critical evaluation of literature, of a reassessment of evidence, of an evaluation of particular approaches or techniques, or of a limited piece of original or applied research. It will build on the foundation provided by the taught modules on the MA programmes for which it is the dissertation module and may involve either the fuller development of subject matter and techniques encountered in the taught programme or the exploration of new areas and techniques appropriate to the overall programme of study. Students will be encouraged to identify and use appropriate research methods and skills. A major aim of the dissertation is to encourage students to relate concepts and frameworks to empirical evidence and to encourage the critical appreciation of both techniques and evidence.

Contact hours per student per year

The dissertation is an extended piece of individual research which draws on the experience and learning of the other modules in the MA programme. This particularly applies to the MA research methods training. In addition, students are provided with a minimum of 10 supervisory tutorials to discuss their subject which are further supported by email contact.


  • Dissertation: 100%

Additional costs: No extra cost other than purchase of books