Creative Action in International Organisations

Module code: CORP 5042

Module description

The module explores and contrasts the meaning and nature of entrepreneurial organisations through the examination of relevant theories, concepts and models. The roles and capabilities of entrepreneurial leaders and managers are further explored and applied.

The practices and processes of creating and developing entrepreneurial organisations are compared across different contexts. The key factors inhibiting and enhancing entrepreneurial practices and behaviours are studied and examined in the field. Practical solutions for improving individual, team and organisational entrepreneurial practices and processes and mechanisms for their implementation are identified.

Finally, the entrepreneurial manager or leader as reflective practitioner and action researcher is explored and related to modes of entrepreneurial learning.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Investigate the range of theories and models that explore and explain creative action processes in entrepreneurial organisations in international marketing
  2. Develop an understanding of the varied and changing roles of leaders and managers in the creation and development of international organisations
  3. Compare and contrast the practices of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial organisations across different contexts and cultures
  4. Understand the nature of, and influences on, entrepreneurial capacity creation and development within organisations and across different contexts and cultures

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures and Tutorials: 36 hours


  • Essay: 50%
  • Group work 1: 25%
  • Group work 2: 25%

Additional costs: Whilst there are no extra mandatory costs, students are encouraged to use props to add context to their role play simulation