Consulting project

Module code: ENTE5003

Module description

The Consulting Project allows students to act as “consultants” on a live challenge faced by a business. The project is an excellent opportunity to develop skills that are relevant to your future career. 

Students will complete a 3-month consultancy project on a live business case. This project offers students the opportunity to harness the knowledge gained during their studies and apply it to a real-life scenario with a local company/employer. The companies/employers that students are allocated to are dependent on availability. Several students will visit the same organization but work independently on their analysis and consultancy plan. Following an arranged visit, students will complete an interim report that will serve as a formative assessment before the final report.

The final assessment is a 5,000 word report containing an executive summary and recommendations page – this will be provided to the employer. Assignments will be marked by the supervisor and a sample of the marking internally moderated. Additional academic guidelines will be given to help students complete this module.


The Consulting Project will be completed off-site, however students will be given the opportunity to visit local businesses/employers. The Consulting Project may be proposed by any kind of organisation, including companies of various sizes and not-for-profit organisations. 

Please note: the Consulting Project is aimed at students who do NOT wish to take part in a selection process.


Students will be required to participate in an interactive work readiness programme where external trainers with industry experience will help students not only prepare for the consulting project but for a successful future career.


Students will prepare a consultancy report, complete with an explanation of the problem they addressed in this project, the methods used and theories applied to analyse the problem, and the results of research undertaken. The host organisation will receive an executive summary with recommendations.