Module code: POPP 5007

Module description

Globalisation is all around us - in the way our economy works, in how we produce goods and services, in the ideas that shape the decisions of politicians and businessmen, and in the cultural products we consume every day. This module takes an International Political Economy (IPE) approach that begins from understanding globalisation as coming from a shift in global capitalism. We will use this IPE perspective to assess: the historical processes that brought globalisation into being; the context and content of changes that have occurred in finance, production, politics, trade, and culture, and everyday life; the theories and ideologies that condone or condemn globalisation; the key factors - governments, businesses, and communities - that experience the effects of globalisation; the positive and negative impacts of globalisation across the Global North and South.

At De Montfort we are uniquely prepared to address such issues, because we have: one of the longest running modules in globalisation of any UK university at masters level; an undergraduate degree which has a significant component dedicated to the study of globalisation; experts playing a key role in analysing and publishing on the variety of processes and practices we will examine.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Seminars: 36 hours


  • Presentation: 20%
  • Essay: 80%

Additional costs: No extra cost other than purchase of books