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Strategy consultation: Our focus

Our Focus asks what do we want to be known for, as a university and community? What should be important to DMU, and what game-changing opportunities do we have that could shape our future? 

This section explores not only what we are great at now, but what we might be great at in the future.

Finally, it asks us to reflect on all these opportunities, and to think about other areas on which to focus.

What should be important to us?

What do we want to be known for in 2030 and beyond? 

How can we make the ‘U’ in DMU stand for ‘unique’?

If we achieve something amazing in five years’ time, what would that headline say?

What are we great at? And what could we be great at?

What specifically do we need to focus on?

Where should the balance between research and teaching lie?

What might put us on the map for transformative thought and action on equality, diversity and inclusion?

What do we need to do to adapt and grow in the digital future?

Where and how can we make a real difference through our commitment to the public good?

What will make us stand out from the crowd on sustainability and the environment?

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