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How you participated

Shape our future consultation

Our future will be successful if we all engage actively

Shaping our future and making it happen is in our hands. This is an exciting journey; it might be daunting, but we have the gift to make it a success if every one of us – regardless of experience, position or function – takes the decision to play an active role.

Achieving our ambitions will demand much more than the engagement of the few, it will demand the engagement of everyone as a community through ongoing conversation, co-creation and collaboration guided by the following principles:

  • We are possibility focused: we create a positive energy and mutual inquiry to encourage focus on what is possible;
  • We are future focused: we promote collective imagination for a shared future;
  • We are inclusive: we engage multiple voices in shaping our future;
  • We allow equal perspectives: we encourage the sharing and building of multiple perspectives;
  • We allow equal participation: we give everyone the opportunity to influence the outcome so that chances of successful implementation are higher;
  • We are informative: simple, clear and concise in our communication;
  • We communicate with transparency and feedback in a timely manner: we provide transparency on the consultation and implementation processes and share findings in a timely manner.

How you shared your views

Staff and students were invited to join the conversation on our new strategy in a number of ways:

  • Live workshops
  • Self-managed small group discussions
  • Microsoft Teams spaces
  • Online forms 

 We also engaged with a number of partners and community organisations.