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Postgraduate Students Excel on Executive Company Project Helping to Shape a Sustainable World

Each year, Leicester Castle Business School (LCBS) provides postgraduate students with the exciting opportunity to bolster their workplace skills and put their degree into practice by taking part in an Executive Company Project (ECP). During ECPs, students are placed with companies, both in the UK and abroad, in order to conduct research as requested by their company hosts.

biodegradable-solutions-imgMSc Risk Management student Thomas Booth and MSc Strategic and Digital Marketing students Inaayat Kassim and Bilal Karim successfully completed an ECP with Leicester-based business Biodegradable Solutions Limited. Business Directors, Ragesh Sejpal and Divyesh Thakkar, a DMU alumnus, founded the company with the aim to introduce and educate concerning biodegradable products, as natural and environmentally friendly replacements for single use plastic goods. The products provided by this company will meet Goal 12 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: responsible consumption and production. Divyesh said “plastics are a big issue for the world today; they are causing a lot of problems in landfill and in the environment. If we can start using biodegradable products, it can make our world a better place to live in”. 

An Exciting Research Opportunity

During their ECP, students worked closely with their ECP hosts at their company premises in Leicester. Students worked within their group and also independently to assess the market place, product range, tariffs, legislation and to support the company’s social media and website development.  

Of the ECP, Thomas said “I’ve really enjoyed developing my commercial research skills, the ECP has also been great to help me progress in my team working skills as it’s a very team oriented project”. Inaayat said “my advice for the next cohort is to ask if you’re unsure. Contact your academic tutor, they are there to help you. Also, be ready for a learning curve, you will be faced by challenges but you learn as you go on, and now I have skills for life.” 

Of hosting ECP students, Divyesh said “we have enjoyed working with the students. They’ve brought good ideas, particularly on how to get our message across on social media”.

Ragesh said “I would definitely recommend the experience to another organisation, it’s a free resource and students bring a new skills set and perspective which we have found very useful”.

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