Tailored courses and masterclasses

Whether you require a tailored accredited course or a bespoke masterclass we have the custom solution to meet your individual business needs.

Our experience in world-leading research, industry and teaching can be applied to develop bespoke courses that address the current needs of the professionals.

With expertise that covers a wide range of industry sectors, and can help to harness greater talent, skill and productivity from your people.

Our courses help develop enhanced awareness and emotional intelligence in your workforce forging a positive and productive culture.

A range of delivery options including online will allow you to select the most appropriate method for your organisation, and student success is improved by taking this into account.

How we will work with you:

  • Free consultancy to discuss solutions to your specific needs
  • Tailored or bespoke professional programme development to fit your organisation's focus
  • Collaboration with your management team
  • Flexible development in line with your business needs
  • Exclusive development of a masterclass, qualification or pathway specific to your business
  • Contextualised content to fit your industry
  • Executive Coaching

Please see our case studies for some examples of how we have worked with both public and private sector clients to help develop specific masterclass, programmes and/or pathways for their organisation.

We also have a number of 'off the shelf' short professional courses that individual employees can book onto.

For more information please contact us.