Executive Company Projects: Information for students

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and external business requirements, projects will continue but some will be undertaken remotely.

What is an ECP?

The Executive Company Project (ECP) offers an opportunity for students to gain experience working with the business community. For three months, students on the ECP will work to complete a research project for a host organisation.

Taking part in an ECP gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge to a specific business challenge either individually or in a small team. ECP students are partnered with companies in order to conduct research, as requested by their host organisation.

Students who choose the ECP are required to attend an introductory information session and a three-day project preparation programme. The ECP will require students to be flexible to the needs of the host organisation and may require working inside the business or remotely.

Students will complete a business report for their host organisation and may be required to deliver a presentation to the senior management, or director, of their host organisation.

How does it work?

All students interested in taking part in an ECP undergo a selection process similar to a process you would experience on the graduate job market. Students must submit a CV and take part in a video interview to be considered for the ECP.

Successful students are allocated to an ECP from a selection of available opportunities. Students will be able to view the projects online and select three project preferences.

Students also have the opportunity to self-source their project and are advised to reach out to the ECP team as early as possible to work on their project sourcing strategy.

All students are required take part in a recruitment selection process. For students who do not want to participate in a selection process we recommend the Consulting Project.

N.B. Students are not guaranteed a project

Executive Company Project - Angela Dsouzs' experience

Benefits for you

  • An opportunity to widen your experience by engaging with parties external to the university
  • A chance to develop skills relevant to your future career enhancement
  • An opportunity to have a positive impact for a real business
  • Further develop your business knowledge
  • Exposure to UK work environment

What our students say about ECPs

"The experience was really interesting for me. It teaches you how to get involved with different people from different nationalities. I really enjoyed working with my host with other staff and from the academic side I enjoy learning about economy, about investment and about how cities and councils are working to bring in more investors." MBA Global student


“I enjoyed the independence of conducting my own research and market analysis, and applying the range of knowledge and skills from my studies to real life business challenges. It’s really fulfilling to see the impact that my work has had.” – Global Banking and Finance MSc student (now International Banking and Finance MSc)


“Learning what it takes to be a successful athlete and learning about the challenges that top-level athletes face has been very rewarding…the ECP has been a great opportunity to engage with a sports organisation to further my experience of working in the sports sector." – Business Management in Sport MSc student.