Executive Company Projects: Information for businesses

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and external business requirements, projects will continue but some will be undertaken remotely.

At Leicester Castle Business School we offer organisations a unique opportunity to benefit from the expertise and insight of our Masters’ students – the Executive Company Project (ECP). We can help your business with FREE research or business analysis.


How does it work for my business?

Your business can partner with us three times a year – February, June and October. You have the option to partner with an individual or group of students. Complete the online form, tell us a little bit about your business and your project. A member of our team will contact you to chat through your needs and how the business school can help your business succeed.

Executive Company Project

What do students have to do?

Your project will be advertised on the internal DMU portal. Students must apply, complete a video interview and attend an assessment centre. Successful students will then be introduced to your business to start their projects. It is up to the student(s) and you to agree in further detail the key deliverables. Your project will form one third of the students academic grade, so they are motivated to do their very best.

Benefits for your business

  • Addressing a skills gap within your business
  • Free resource for your business, integrated part of the academic programme
  • Access to DMU facilities
  • Free up your staff time
  • Further develop your market knowledge
  • Academic expertise to guide your project
  • Students sign a legal agreement ensuring confidentiality
  • Students can work remotely and meeting space can be arranged at DMU

Examples of previous projects

  • Analysing financial data for an international property development company
  • Conducting customer analysis for a large retail group based in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Developing a business plan for a local dancewear company
  • Investigating customer behaviour in order to increase tickets sales for a local sports organisation


What our previous companies say about ECP students

"The club has ended up with a first class piece of professional work. The cost of having a commercial company do that for us was prohibitive. It has been very rewarding for me working with a student, to see the progress that she’s made and the effort that she’s put into the project, which has all been first class."

"There are many benefits of hosting a project such as gaining an independent outside perspective of our business. Most of all we re-discovered things about ourselves as a business. It made us ask questions about how we are presenting ourselves and how to improve that."

"I am just very excited about the result of the project. I am truly grateful for this opportunity as I think I'm benefiting so much from this, so thank you for allowing me to host this student."

Frequently asked questions

What is an Executive Company Project?

Executive Company Project (ECP) offers an opportunity for businesses to work with students to solve a business challenge.

What are the benefits?

  • Address a skills gap within your business
  • Free resource for your business, integrated part of the academic programme
  • Access to DMU facilities
  • Free up your staff time
  • Further develop your market knowledge
  • Academic expertise to guide your project

Can any company take part?

Yes. ECP hosts come from a wide variety of industries and have varying workforce sizes. The only requirement is that the project has a strong research element.

How many hours will the student(s) work?

You will define the work needed for each project and this can be conducted on-site or remotely. Students should spend no more than 4 days a week on any given project and daily hours should be agreed in line with normal office hours. Students may require some flexibility, as they need time to complete their academic report that forms part of the ECP 60 credit module. Many of our students also work part-time so hours will be mutually agreed.

What are the costs?
The project is free. We ask however for you to cover any additional expenses to the student eg travel when students are undertaking this as part of the project.

What documents do I need to complete?

  • The Project proposal form
  • Legal agreement

What is required from us?

It is required that at least one person in the company takes responsibility for ensuring that the student has access to information and people that they will need to complete the project. The company representative should meet with the student or speak regularly to check that the project is on track and would need to meet prior to the ECP to confirm the project focus.

How will confidentiality be maintained?

Student complete a legal agreement to ensure confidentiality and data protection.

How will I be matched to a student?

There is a selection criteria and matching process for all students. However, we are  unable to guarantee a student.

Can I submit more than one project?

Yes you can submit more than one project but you will need to complete separate project proposal forms for this.

How will I be supported?

You will be supported by the ECP team which includes an academic member of staff that can will assist you and the student while on the project.

If interested how do I proceed?

Either email  ecp@dmu.ac.uk or complete the online project proposal form.