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Big Taster Day

Wednesday 10 November

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Get involved in DMU's Big Taster Day on Wednesday 10 November, where you can take a deep dive into the university subjects that interest you most. There's a huge selection of activities to choose from, and they'll all give you invaluable experience about being a university student and how your favourite course will be taught. By attending a Taster Day, you can speak with lecturers and students about what to expect at university, discover how you'll learn and feel more confident about which course aligns most with what you're passionate about.

Session descriptions

  1. Animation

    Get animating!

    Create a two second gif of a ‘something’ jumping using TV Paint. This hands-on session focuses on techniques including slow in and slow out, anticipation, squash and stretch, and exaggeration.

    Available as an afternoon session only

  2. Architecture and the Built Environment

    Morning session: Landscape, People, Buildings: a balance for a healthy future

    What do architects do? How might they help us all lead better lives? This talk will introduce you to what it means to design and create the built environments in which we live and explain the different careers in this field.

    Afternoon session: Designing for your Hero(es)

    Who is your hero? In this interactive session you will work in pairs or threes to design a home for your hero.

    This activity takes place over the morning and afternoon and is offered as an all-day session.

  3. Arts and Festivals Management

    So you want to run a festival?

    Festivals are all around us and expanding at an amazing rate in the UK, from music and food festivals to the Caribbean Carnival and Diwali. This workshop will introduce you to the exciting world of festivals and takes you through some of the thought processes festival directors have when planning and organising a festival.

    This activity takes place over the morning and afternoon and is offered as an all-day session.

  4. Audiology

    Morning session: Are ears the secret to success in Strictly Come Dancing?

    What happens if a person has a balance disorder? How does this connect to our ears? What do audiologists do to help? In this interactive session students will learn about the role our ears play in balance. Think you have good balance? Watch as we explore some tests of balance function together- all willing volunteer’s welcome!

    Afternoon session: We’re all ears: The science of hearing

    In this interactive session students will discover the role our ears play in hearing the world around us and keeping us upright. We will explore:

    • The range of sounds your ears can hear and play a game where we estimate ‘How old are your ears?'
    • The volume of everyday sounds
    • How our ears interact with vision
    • How to manage hearing loss

    Both morning and afternoon sessions are offered as an all-day session and can be made as a single booking

  5. Biomedical and Medical Science

    The case of the pregnant lady with toilet troubles

    The session will be for students interested in Biomedical Science or Medical Science, and will be centred around investigating a case study using patient history, including undertaking a physical examination, laboratory testing and interpretation, and patient communication. It promises to be a fun and interactive session that will provide a glimpse into some of the module content studied in Biomedical Science and Medical Science.

    Available to book in either the morning or afternoon

  6. Business

    Morning sessions: Business Entrepreneurship and Enterprise | Social Media in Marketing

    Morning sessions: Business Entrepreneurship and Enterprise: This activity is all about selling. Selling is not about the gift of the gab, it’s about listening to the customers’ needs and pains, and intelligently, honestly, and succinctly talking about benefits. The activity will involve teams working on a sales pitch (think Dragons' Den), and convincing the other teams to buy their product. Plus, there will be a prize for the winning team!

    Social Media in Marketing: This one-hour session will give you a broad introduction into the different marketing programmes we offer here at DMU, with a real focus on social media. We’ll look at the impact social media has on everyday life and how it is challenging conventional marketing methods and practices. We’ll also look at the job opportunities on offer today and the skills you’ll need to fit the bill. This will be a hands-on session with opportunities to test your creativity, see what studying at DMU is like and if a career in this field is right for you.

    Afternoon session: Using Game Theory to understand firm competition

    Students will play a simple game to illustrate the dynamics of firm competition in imperfectly competitive markets. This is based on the type of classroom game used in our economics seminars

    Both morning and afternoon sessions are offered as an all-day session and can be made as a single booking

  7. Computer Games Programming and Games Production

    An introduction to building games

    This taster will give an introduction to games development by use of a game engine. In the first part of the session, you will put together the functionality of a simple game, including a player and an NPC (Non-Player Character), using the whitebox and simple geometry. Once this is in place, the second part of the session will focus on 3D models and character animation. This will give life to the game, covering both functionality and visuals in broad terms.

    Available as a morning session only

  8. Computer Science

    An introduction to computer science

    Find out more about our Computer Science BSc and related courses which give you a solid foundation in software development, database design and web technologies, computer security and an awareness of professional practice and social responsibility.

    Available as an afternoon session only

  9. Creative Writing

    A Creative Writing Experience

    This is a practical writing workshop that requires a willingness to let your imagination loose and see where it leads you. You will be guided through a series of writing activities and you will generate new ideas for writing which you can develop further after the workshop. There will also be an opportunity to discuss your own writing projects amongst like-minded aspiring writers.

    Available to book in either the morning or afternoon

  10. Criminology and Criminal Investigation and Policing

    Engaging with Crime and Criminal Justice at University: Victims Case Study

    This session will be run by both criminology and criminal investigation and policing. In this session students will experience a mini-lecture followed by an activity based on ‘victims’. They will have the opportunity to talk to peers and discuss and perspectives with members of the teaching team. At the end of the session staff will talk about criminology and criminal investigation and policing to demonstrate similarities and differences between the programmes.

    Both morning and afternoon sessions are offered as an all-day session and can be made as a single booking

  11. Cyber Security

    Get cracking
    Take part in activities on password cracking and mobile forensics in our hands-on cyber security session.

    Available as a morning session only

  12. Dance

    Studying contemporary dance at DMU – A practical exploration

    In these practical contemporary dance sessions you will experience what it is like to study Dance at DMU. You will take part in a dance technique class and engage in creative tasks to develop your own choreography. Please wear your dance clothes and be prepared to work in bare feet.

    This activity takes place over the morning and afternoon and is offered as an all-day session.

  13. Design Crafts

    Introduction to Design Crafts

    We will introduce you to a range of materials, ceramics, glass, jewellery and metalwork, the processes and the technical aspects of craft and making. Meet our current students and Artists in Residence who will talk to you about their work and projects, with the opportunity for you to ask your questions.

    This activity takes place over the morning and afternoon and is offered as an all-day session.

  14. Diagnostic Radiography

    Ouch! Why does it hurt?

    Participants will gain an insight into the role of x-ray as a tool for the diagnosis and management of illness and injuries. There will be the opportunity to role play and learn some terminology and positioning tips that are used to obtain accurate radiographic images, and, using the latest virtual reality technology, explore living human anatomy and how a knowledge of anatomy and physics is essential in the role.

    Available to book as an afternoon session only

  15. Drama

    Morning session: Staging places

    In this practical session you'll work with a short extract of text and locate it in a wide range of places in order to explore the techniques that can be used when creating place in performance.

    Afternoon session: Devising spaces

    You'll build on your morning’s work by creating a series of tableaux which move between the very mundane and the wonderfully fantastical.

    Both morning and afternoon sessions are offered as an all-day session and can be made as a single booking.

  16. Education Studies

    How do we learn?

    If you are considering a career as a teacher or an educationalist have you ever thought about how we learn or how we teach people to learn. In this interactive session, we aim to challenge your thinking about what education is and what it could be. You will consider how people learn, how to include all learners and you will have a go at designing your own learning space or resource.

    Available to book in either the morning or afternoon

  17. Engineering – morning

    DMU Racing

    Experience the roar of the DMU Racing car engine and find out all about the components, design and manufacturing of our student-built racing car. Learn how the team goes from classroom knowledge to racing on track, and test yourself to see if you can pass the emergency exit test and jump out of the car in less than five seconds.

    Available as a morning session only

  18. Engineering – afternoon

    How to be a successful engineer

    o Whether your passion is to study mechanical, electronic, energy or aeronautical engineering, find out how our Engineering courses help you develop the technical knowledge you need to be a successful engineer. Watch exciting demos from our academics as they show you how to gear up for engineering, make your boomerang come back, a hydrogen fuel cell as well as modern electronic applications.

    Available as an afternoon session only

  19. English Language

    From Machismo to QUILTBAG: Examining Language and Gender

    As we all know, little girls are made of 'Sugar and spice and all things nice', while little boys are formed from 'Frogs and snails and puppy dogs' tails' - well, actually, they're made of language; our identities are constructed from how we talk about ourselves, and how others talk about us. In this taster session you will look at how language shapes our conceptions of sex, sexuality, and gender (three very different things, even if they are often confused), and examine issues like sexism, misogyny, sexual stereotyping, and how to deal with the fact that the most powerful man in the world has talked about women using language that most people find utterly unacceptable - or do they? We will also consider 'gender' in a way that moves beyond simple 'man vs woman' oppositions, and start thinking about more recent ideas of identity as shifting and fluid, relating it to concrete issues of discrimination and injustice in our world.

    Available to book in either the morning or afternoon

  20. English Literature

    The Dystopian Novel in the 20th and 21st Century

    What are stories for? This taster session begins with this fundamental question about the role and purpose of literature in society. It then turns to one popular literary genre, the dystopian novel, and asks what social and political contexts have shaped the rise of dystopian fiction during the past 100 years. This session takes a broad view of the dystopian novel in the 20th and 21st centuries, including classic examples of the genre such as Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, George Orwell’s 1984 and Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid's Tale. You don't need knowledge of these novels to take part in this lively session.

    Available to book in either the morning or afternoon

  21. Fashion and Textiles

    Morning session: Introduction to the textile design process

    In this interactive workshop you will explore how to develop textile concepts and ideas. You will create different textures, colours and repeat patterns using tapes and consider the applications of your design to fashion, interior and lifestyle products.

    Afternoon session: Concept development for fashion

    Concept development is a process of developing ideas to solve specific design problems. In this practical session you will be explore research imagery to develop a fashion concept through stylised image manipulation and typographic layout.

    Both morning and afternoon sessions are offered as an all-day session and can be made as a single booking.

  22. Film Studies

    From Mickey to Marvel, why it is important to study the history of Disney entertainment

    "I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse." (Walt Disney on Mickey Mouse)

    Available as a morning session only

  23. Fine Art

    Drawing for Fine Art practice

    In this practical session we will introduce you to the core principles of drawing. This will help you gain experience and confidence with this process and how it can positively impact on your Fine Art study here at DMU.

    This activity takes place over the morning and afternoon and is offered as an all-day session.

  24. Forensic Science

    Forensic Investigation of a Suspicious Death

    Forensic science – familiar to most of us thanks to its appearances in popular TV crime dramas – is the application of science to law. It’s carried out through the collection, preservation and analysis of evidence. If you have an enquiring mind, are good at solving scientific problems and want to work with cutting-edge equipment and facilities, then you could be the right person to work at a crime scene or analyse the evidence recovered from that scene in a labortary. This session will consider the value that forensic science can bring to the mock-investigation of a suspicious death. During the session you will be briefed on the case and through discussion, video and interactive content, will begin to appreciate the role and the value of forensic science in the investigation of crime.

    Available to book in either the morning or afternoon

  25. Graphic Design

    Playful typography

    Join us for a hands-on session in our fantastic graphic design studios looking at playful typography. The session will include a variety of helpful exercises to get you involved in the exciting world of letterforms.

    Available as a morning session only

  26. Health and Wellbeing in Society

    Debates in health and wellbeing

    Health and Wellbeing in Society is a dynamic social science course that enables students to understand and analyse contemporary developments in health and social care. Within our interactive session, you will have opportunities to explore your knowledge of health-related events in society and how to think about public health from a range of perspectives. In the session we will debate a selection of public health issues:

    • The problems/benefits of video consultations
    • What decisions can children make for themselves?
    • Is vaping safe?
    • What are the laws around e-scooters?
    • Why do we pay for dental treatment or the opticians?
    • Is exercise good?
    • Technology and health – A healthy mix?
    • Which season is the most healthy? Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring?

    Available to book in either the morning or afternoon

  27. History

    War, Dictatorships, Propaganda: Sport and Images as Weapons

    The history of the dictatorships can be told in many ways. In this session we will explore how the dictatorship promoted themselves, both to their own people and abroad, through propaganda. We will concentrate on two aspects of propaganda that are specialities of the History team here at DMU: sport, and visual images. In the first part of the session, we will explore how Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy promoted sport as part of their political projects, in which their sportsmen and women were supposed to embody ideological values. We will also look at how the 1936 Berlin Olympics showcased Nazi Germany to the world. The second part of the session will explore the use of images as weapons during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and the Franco Dictatorship (1939-1975). Comparing posters, photographs and short films will show how images represented the Republican and the Fascist sides during the war according to particular values and ideas, resulting in different forms of propaganda.

    Available to book in either the morning or afternoon

  28. Information Systems

    Get hands on with data analysis

    Open data portals are provided by governments and organisations and can be great sources of data which, when analysed, can provide interesting facts and observations. The session involves hands-on data analytics and visualisations using data from an Open Data portal to explore activities across various activities in different communities (e.g. crime rates and stops and searches). Additionally, sentiment analysis (also known as opinion mining) will be used to determine the polarity of a piece of text, i.e. whether it is positive, neutral or negative. Over the years, the use of sentiment analysis has been on the rise. It is used for brand monitoring, analysing customer feedback, product analytics and research work. As part of this session, sentiment analysis will be carried out on news articles to determine the polarity of news headlines and contents.

    Available as an afternoon session only

  29. Interior Design and Product Design

    Morning session: Design thinking

    The ability to draw and communicate design intent clearly, is a prerequisite skill for an interior designer and is essential for the exploration and development of ideas. In this practical session we will introduce you to the key skills and conventions used by the wider construction and design industry.

    Afternoon session: Digital drawing

    In this practical session we will introduce you to the core principles of design, helping you to gain experience and confidence of the design process. You will also be introduced to digital visualising techniques based on the Autodesk Sketchbook software and using the Wacom Cintiq tablet platform.

    Both morning and afternoon sessions are offered as an all-day session and can be made as a single booking.

  30. Law

    Morning sessions: Law and social media | Your route through university and on to a professional legal career

    Morning sessions: Law and social media: A large number of criminal offences can be committed using social media. Electronic communication technology can be used to incite, encourage or assist another in the commission of an offence, or to form a conspiracy. Social media can be used to alarm, distress or harass another person or people. If two or more messages are sent, the conduct could amount to an offence. Clearly, each case will depend very much on its own facts as what is distressing for one person may not be for another and certain victims may be particularly sensitive about messages relating to particular topics or issues, which may be intentionally exploited by the harasser. The court applies a high threshold when deciding whether conduct constitutes harassment. Accordingly, while sending messages via Twitter or Facebook could clearly constitute an offence, the nature and/or quantity of the messages would have to be of sufficient gravity for the prosecution to succeed. The question is: what is sufficient gravity? In this session, you will be empowered to think critically as to how to address the injustice in the world by role play, argument and debate.

    Your route through university and on to a professional legal career: If you are hoping to pursue a career in the law, this presentation will look at what makes a good law student as well as providing you with an insight in to the day to day role of solicitors and barristers

    Afternoon session: Murder or Manslaughter?

    A sometimes controversial topic, the distinction between murder and manslaughter can be a hazy one. This interactive debate session will allow students to review cases and decide whether the conviction should be murder, or manslaughter. This session will require you to exercise your debating skills, your ability to apply theory and to question certain decisions.

    Both morning and afternoon sessions are offered as an all-day session and can be made as a single booking

  31. Media Production – morning

    TV studio experience

    Get to grips with the exciting world of television production in DMU’s own fully-functional TV studio facility. Fancy yourself as a camera operator or floor manager? Want to present and host? Maybe you love to manage sound and what the audience is hearing? Or you might like to be working the brains of the outfit from the Gallery, producing and directing the programme, operating graphics, controlling lighting and holding the whole show together? Whichever you fancy, this experience will give you a flavour of the TV studio production world.

    Available to book in the morning only

  32. Media Production – afternoon

    Radio experience

    Love music? Can’t stop talking? Love engaging and interacting with audiences? Then radio might just be the job for you! The same skillsets are used in podcasting, and this radio experience will introduce you to the basic equipment used in producing live radio output – from desks, faders, microphones and headphones, through to digital asset management and playout systems. Whether you are System Of A Down or Lady Gaga, we’ll make that red light go on for you budding radio hosts and producers!

    Available to book in the afternoon only

  33. Music – morning

    Music interactive session

    Take part in an interactive session in our Creative Technology studios. You’ll record live drum 'hits', hand claps and finger clicks and use audio software to create your own simple beats from them.

    Available as a morning session only

  34. Music – afternoon

    Sound and music for film

    Take part in an interactive session in our Courtyard Studio, investigating sound and music for film. After some presentation and discussion of key ideas, we will consider some examples, thinking about questions like: what role do sound and music play in the understanding of the story? Or in the interpretation of the film? What would the film be like without sound? Or with different sound? How would you create your own soundtrack?

    Available as an afternoon session only

  35. Nursing

    Spotting the sick patient, how do we know?

    Nurses have to be quick thinkers, responsive and observant as patients can quickly become unwell or deteriorate, but what are the signs a nurse will look for? During this hands-on practical session, you will undertake an A-E assessment on a patient who has presented to your care with a chest infection. You will learn about the importance of a structured approach to assessing and detecting clinical deterioration of patients.

    Available to book in either the morning or afternoon

  36. Nutrition

    POP! The hard truth of sport and soft drinks

    Diet, nutrition and food are critical to our health and our quality of life. A poor diet can have a significant effect on health and contribute to a range of conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. A degree in Nutrition can lead to a range of graduate opportunities fro working in specialst areas such as sport nutrition to working as a food and diet adviser in the NHS. In this practical session participants will discover the importance of knowing the amount of sugar present in different drinks, which is currently a very relevant topic in sport nutrition and public health as high sugar intake is related to many diseases. We will determine whether the consumption of sugary drinks are within the healthy eating guidelines. This topic will be explored through practical activities and by working in groups to create drinks mimicking known sport/soft drinks and to calculate their energetic value.

    Available to book in either the morning or afternoon

  37. Paramedicine and AAP

    Getting to the ‘heart’ of things…

    Paramedics are highly competent health care professionals who work in a fast-paced environment to provide urgent and emergency care across a range of challenging situations. Cardiology is an important area of study for paramedics and paramedics encounter patients with a variety of cardiac presentations including patients feeling breathless, passing out (syncope), experiencing palpitations and having chest pains. Participants in this taster session will look at some of the different way’s paramedics evaluate whether the patient is ‘time-critical’ and how they confirm / exclude heart attack presentations.

    Available to book in either the morning or afternoon

  38. Performing Arts

    Devising Theatre

    In this practical session we will introduce you to a number of devising skills, techniques and considerations in relation to making theatre, drawing on the work of contemporary theatre and performance practitioners.

    This activity takes place over the morning and afternoon and is offered as an all-day session.

  39. Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Morning session: 60 minutes as a clinical pharmacist

    Get a glimpse into the working life of a clinical pharmacist and have a go at undertaking some of the clinical examinations a pharmacist would undertake. Understand the patient journey through the healthcare system and learn about the vital role of a clinical pharmacist, as part of the wider multidisciplinary team, managing the patient’s care across different sectors.

    Afternoon session: From pills to blusher: the endless opportunities of a degree in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science

    This is a specialist course in the UK and DMU is one of only a handful of universities nationally which combines pharmaceutics with a cosmetics element. Let us open your mind and enthuse you about a degree that has a vast array of career destinations which could land you working for top-brand companies such as Boots, L'Oreal, Pzifer, Lush or AstraZeneca.

    Both morning and afternoon sessions are offered as an all-day session and can be made as a single booking

  40. Photography and Video

    Introduction to studio lighting and chromakey

    In this practical session we will introduce you to the technical aspects of using studio lighting for still photography. You will also explore the possibilities of chroma keying and how to use this creative technique for photography and image manipulation.

    This activity takes place over the morning and afternoon and is offered as an all-day session.

  41. Psychology

    Understanding the Mind: Insights from Psychology

    Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and how it shapes and influences our behaviour. Studying a psychology degree, allows you to explore human behaviour using sound scientific methodology – observation, measurement, and testing – to understand how and why people function in the way they do. In this session participants will get a hands-on insight into how Psychology can help explain how the mind works and will take part in various interactive activities that are current teaching examples from biological and cognitive psychology lectures. The session will you gain an overview of how the Psychology BSc course works at DMU, what you will study, how you are assessed as well as helping you explore the key skills that are needed on the course and the potential career options there are after graduating.

    Available to book in either the morning or afternoon

  42. Speech and Language Therapy

    Introduction to language development and disorder

    Speech and language therapists provide treatment and support that improves patients’ lives. They address speech, language and communication problems as well as assisting with eating and drinking difficulties. The session will feature an introduction and overview of the role of a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT). It will give participants the opportunity to take part in current examples of teaching from the course that include looking at the importance of communication skills and why they are important to the role of a SLT and then examining what happens when we swallow and what can go wrong. To take part participants will need to bring a bottle of water for the practical teaching session.

    Available to book in either the morning or afternoon

  43. Youth Work and Community Development

    Cultural awareness and challenging oppression

    Youth Work has a commitment to raising awareness of oppression and inequality, and then finding ways to challenge this. In this session participants will use their passion for wanting to make a difference on a cultural awareness exercise, which will introduce them to the importance of supporting young people to learn and understand one another in more meaningful ways. This is then followed by a brief introduction to the types of oppression that exist and how Youth Work identifies and challenges oppression and inequality in society.

    Although this is a session of two adjoining parts, representing two distinctly different subject areas, they can be well understood by their relation to each other so we welcome all who have an interest in either course.

    Available to book in either the morning or afternoon

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