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In-school support

At DMU, we aim to support students and their schools and colleges throughout the journey to higher education. Our School and College officers are available to offer their expertise by providing a range of free presentations and workshops tailored around Higher Education. To book one of our presentations or workshops below, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

  1. Why higher education?

    This presentation aims to inspire students to consider university and motivate them to begin exploring higher education opportunities. We explore the many benefits of higher education including the exciting array of student experiences available, such as international trips, work placements, joining university clubs and societies, and most importantly how university prepares students for graduate employment.

    (30 minutes)
  2. Why De Montfort University?

    This presentation gives students an overview on what DMU has to offer and what makes us stand out from the crowd. It will also cover the different things DMU has to offer students both academically and socially. For example, DMU’s award-winning careers and employability service, known as DMU Works, offers guaranteed work experience opportunities, while our DMU Global initiative has given students great opportunities to expand their global experience.

    (30 minutes)
  3. Choosing the right course

    Choosing a course to study at university can be overwhelming especially when there are over 50,000 undergraduate courses to choose from through more than 395 providers in the UK, so how do students select just five on UCAS? This presentation will highlight the importance of research whilst providing helpful hints and tips to support students through the decision-making process.

    (40 minutes)
  4. Applying to university

    This talk provides students with an overview of the UCAS application process, how to complete the different sections of the form, and what happens after application. Key dates, top tips and helpful resources are all included in this presentation.

    (30 minutes)
  5. Student life (as told by a student)

    This presentation is delivered by a current DMU student giving a personal account of the wider aspects of university life – living away, eating well, having fun while studying effectively. The presentation will address some of the common concerns and worries students may have whilst transitioning from school/college to HE while inspiring them about the exciting times ahead.

    (40 minutes)
  6. Budgeting

    Budgeting is an important aspect of a university students’ life. This presentation will push students to think about what their priorities are and outline the financial choices they will shortly need to make. Using a fun interactive activity, we explore the costs of big brands and how making small changes can add up to a small fortune!

    (40 minutes)
  7. Study skills for university

    Revision isn’t simply working hard, it’s about working well. This talk covers ways to approach revision, including; how to decide what to revise, creating a revision timetable, using active revision strategies and using all your available resources and how those skills translate into studying at university. This talk also touches on teaching and learning at university – lectures, seminars and a emphasis on independent learning.

    (30 minutes)
  8. Subject talks

    These talks are designed to give students an overview of the subject area and will advise on entry criteria, course content, graduate employment opportunities and other key aspects of the course. All DMU subject talks can be arranged on an ad hoc basis and can be tailored to students’ requirements.

    (40 minutes)
  9. How to make the most of your summer holiday

    This presentation aims to encourage Year 12 students thinking about the year ahead and help them strengthen their UCAS application over the summer break. Securing work experience, visiting university open days and learning how to enhance their skill set are all highlighted as great ways to prepare for the university application process.

    (30 minutes)
  10. UCAS: What happens next?

    This presentation covers what happens in the UCAS process once a student submits their application. We will discuss responding to offers, how to use UCAS Extra and advise them on Clearing and how to prepare for results day. It provides an opportunity for students to plan and prepare for the final hurdles before starting university.

    (30 minutes)
  11. Preparing for university

    Preparing for university can be as stressful as Applying to university for some students, therefore, we will try our best to answer the worries that students may have. For example, what should I take to university? And what if I don’t make friends? Students will also receive outlines for the next steps and top tips to prepare them for university life.

    (40 minutes)
  12. Student Finance

    Student finance and funding is an important issue for students and parents. This talk can be delivered to each audience separately, or to both at simultaneously, and is designed to clearly explain the application process, entitlements and repayments.

    (40 minutes)
  13. Personal statements

    With so many students applying to university, you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. This talk will advice students on how to structure their personal statement and include interactive activities to get students ‘mind-mapping’ the key aspects of their statement.

    (40 minutes)

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