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ViR.AL - Virtual Reality and Assisted Living Research Group

ViR.AL is an interdisciplinary research group within the School of Computer Science and Informatics at De Montfort University. The aim of the group is to create original science and develop innovative solutions for assistive technologies, assisted living and adaptive learning through our expertise in assisted living technologies, application development, serious games, gaming technologies and audio technologies. Our current projects focus on using virtual environments, haptic devices, motion and positioning sensors and auditory displays for the development of serious games as training applications and interfaces for individuals with sensory impairments.

Key features

ViR.AL has expertise in the following areas:

  • Assisted Living Technologies
  • Interactive Virtual Environments
  • Serious Games for training
  • 3D Audio Technologies
  • Multimodal Interaction
  • Game Technologies and Interfaces
  • Intelligent Systems


  • Use of mass produced consumer devices for developing affordable assisted living technologies for users with sensory and physical impairments
  • Development of game technologies and data capture on movement to create engaging training and simulation applications
  • Creation of realistic user experiences through affordable technologies
  • Mathematical modelling of events and behaviours in virtual environments

Our experts

Associated Members
Dr Mark Scase- Principal Lecturer. Also affiliated with Psychology

Rowland Sandys- Head of IT, the ExtraCare Charitable Trust


Matthias F. Brandstetter

Rajit Nair


The ViR.AL Laboratory at De Montfort University has  a number of specialist tools:

  • Software development tools and game technologies for multiple platforms including mobile devices
  • Psychophysiological measurement equipment
  • Audio Recording Equipment
  • Complete Kemar dummy head mannequin with in-ear microphones and ear canal simulation
  • Various sensors and haptic/interactive tools

ViR.AL also has access to the Fused Media Laboratory at De Montfort University providing a range of cutting edge equipment for production, prototyping and testing of interactive technologies. Including:

  • Haptic Devices: tactile feedback technology
  • 3D visualisation and stereoscopic capture and display
  • Motion tracking
  • Augumented reality
  • 3D audio recording, synthesis and rendering
  • Multimedia technologies and audiology interaction
  • Technology solution for visual and hearing impaired

Professional fees and charges

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and our subsequent pricing structures.

Who we have worked with

ViR.AL has a wide range of key collaborators, including:

  • Vistablind
  • RNIB
  • GN ReSound Italia
  • Università do Milano
  • Università di Ferrara
  • Tampere University of Applied Sciences
  • IEEE Consumer Electronic Society
  • Microsoft Research

Current Projects include Dr Picinali in his involvement in assistive technology projects including research into Virtual Reality for blind individuals with the support of a RIF Grant. Dr Picinali is also involved in various projects related to the RCUK Grand Challenge in the field of audio and haptics interaction design.

Dr Ahmadi has expertise in developing applications for 19 years and has experience in creating intelligent systems for assisted living, serious game development for training and assisted living, mobile development and data mining.

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Contact us

Nadia Omar

Business Development Manager

De Montfort University
Faculty of Technology,
Gateway House 4.64
The Gateway,

E:+44 (0)116 207 8624

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