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Hackathon 2016

Hackathon For Assisted Living, Health, Social Care and Community 2016, 2-3. June. 2016, De Montfort University. 



Skin Cancer Open Database

Open data platform for crowd-sourcing data for  skin cancer research.



Bringing together communities, students and researchers to develop solutions for social problems


Working with DMU

Students, graduates and industry peers at the DMU event


Hackathon 2016

Hackathon For Assisted Living, Health, Social Care and Community, 2-3. June. 2016, De Montfort University

A successful collaboration

A successful collaboration between research groups of DMU, students and local communities




Hackathon for Health, Assisted Living, Social Care and Community (HALE)

The Hackathon for Health, Assisted Living, Social Care and Community (HALE) 2017 is organised jointly by the Virtual reality and Assisted Living (Vir.AL) research group and by DS-Cubed Ltd in association with Leicestershire County Council and local charities. Our sixth Hackathon works closely with CLASH (Community Leicestershire Arthritis Self Help) charity to find solutions for patients with arthritis in addition to other areas.

The challenge in a Hackathon event is to translate real wold problems brought in by professionals such as surgeons and GPs, into technological solutions and create working prototypes in two days. Developers and designers learn to solve real world problems and to communicate with industry professionals during the design and development process, helping to create software applications for public benefit. The Hackathon helps to develop applications to address real problems which might never otherwise have been addressed due to funding difficulties. DS-Cubed is the first initiative of its kind which aims to make Hackathon-style collaborations between universities and public bodies a yearlong event. It also provides a platform for students, graduates, staff and volunteers to take part in some of the most exciting projects which have a positive impact on the community.

Areas of work will be gathered through our call for proposals and will be reviewed by the organising committee of Hackathon 2017 into workable problems in any of the following areas:  

  1. Mental Health
  2. Health-related applications
  3. Assisted living tools and technologies
  4. Social care to protect the most vulnerable
  5. Communities 
  6. Housing
  7. Current health epidemics worldwide 

DS-Cubed is a software solution provider that works with students, public bodies and private businesses to deliver solutions to their technical problems. The 2017 Hackathon will take place in February and will be officially hosted by DS-Cubed and its developers and designers.The software developed during the event will be Open Source to allow users and developers to study, change, improve and distribute the software after the event. 

This year, DS-Cubed be working in partnership with The University of São Paulo to host their first International Hackathon in Brazil, through De Montfort University’s DMUGlobal programme on the 24th– 25th September 2016. DMUGlobal encourages our students to work with other universities internationally, DS-Cubed employees and students will be participating in this significant event. The event will have a special focus on helping researchers concerning the Zika Virus.

To be part of this great event Get Involved.

Upcoming Events 


HALE Brazil Hackathon 2016

Date: 24-25th September 2016

Register: Opens on 15th of August 2016

Cost: Free

Location: Samsung OCEAN Lab at Escola Politécnica, University of Sao Paulo

Organiser: HALE Brazil 2016 Organizing Committee


Hackathon for Health, Assisted Living, Social Care and Community (HALE) 2017

Date: 28th Feb.- 1st March 2017

Register: EventBrite page

Cost: Free

Location: DS-Cubed Labs, The Innovation Centre, De Montfort University

Organiser: Dr Samad Ahmadi, De Montfort University