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We need all the help we can get from anyone with hands on experience in programming on all platforms including web and mobile devices and also designers, animators and project managers to join the team of developers from the university and industry. We also always welcome younger and enthusiastic students who would like to take part, learn and contribute during the process.

We assume that attendees will be from either designer/developer communities or from departments/organisations/charities/companies with a problem which requires a technical solution.

Service providers, charities and individuals could submit their proposal of the problem with its context and background using the link below.

Submissions need to include:

-       the name of the proposer
-       the company (if any)
-       description of the the problem(s) and possible technical solutions (if known)
-       plus any support to the event they may be able to provide.

Find out more on how to submit a proposal

Hackathon 2017

The next Hackathon (HALE) hosted by DS-Cubed will be held in February 2017.

Submit a proposal: Call For Proposals (the deadline for Feb. 2017 Hackathon has passed)

Registration: EventBrite page


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Technology Degree Show

The Technology Degree Show highlights the work and achievements of our final year students.

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