Loss and Gain

Spatial Audio and Hearing Aid Technologies 

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Focus on your hearing and listening by taking part in the sound installation 


How hearing impairment can affect the perception of a 3D soundscape


 Loss and Gain

Assisting hearing, expanding listening

An immersion in the world of hearing impairment and an exploration of the assistive technologies developed at DMU, all within an interactive sound installation.

This two week intallation took place at the Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre on the  3 - 16 May 2014, its aim was to:

  • Demonstrate spatial audio and hearing aid technologies developed and evaluated at DMU.
  • Encourage audience reflection upon the differences between hearing and listening through the exploration of comprehension barriers—both physical and semantic (linguistic).
  • Evaluate audience and performer engagement and participation in the sound installation, focusing on their hearing and listening experiences.

The main focus of the installation was to allow the visitors to experience a particular sound scene (either pre-recorded and reproduced through loudspeakers, or live) in two separate modes:

  1. Through just moving inside the room and listening to the various sounds in the space.
  2. Through wearing a pair of headphones and listening to the scene from the point of view of a dummy head positioned in the centre of the room. By doing this, the participants will also be able to experience the audio scene as if this was listened to by someone with different hearing conditions/impairments.

Visitors experienced how hearing impairment can affect the perception of a 3D soundscape, how traditional hearing aids can further impair this perception, and how the 3D audio technologies we develop at DMU could help recover the spatial cues lost with impairment and with the use of hearing aid devices.

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