Physical Human Interfaces


Research in this area includes the development and evaluation of interfaces for musical instruments, interfaces for individuals with sensory disabilities (in particular visually and hearing impaired individuals), and, more in general, of multimodal human-computer interfaces.

IMT projects in this area are:

Visual Sound Field Frontrunner Project

The research aims to transform sound waves into physical objects as a novel way to convey information. The uses are applicable for musicians, composers, theatre architects, audiologists, for education and disabled individuals to better understand acoustics.

Participants: Dr Eujin Pei, Dr Lorenzo Picinali and Chris Feakes


Audio and Haptics Interaction

Individuals with normal hearing are generally able to discriminate auditory stimuli that have the same fundamental frequency but different spectral content. This study concerns to what extent it is possible to perform the same differentiation considering vibratory tactile stimuli. Three perceptual experiments have been carried out in an attempt to compare discrimination thresholds in terms of spectral differences between auditory and vibratory tactile more.





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