Mobile Platforms

Developments in mobile communications technology and its proliferation open up new possibilities for the application of research. These are powerful devices given their portability and come with a range of sensors and interaction technologies that can take them beyond simple utility usage. Specific areas of interest include:

  •     Wireless and bespoke data gathering applications
  •     Visual, audio and environmental analysis
  •     Distributed computing and wireless ad-hoc networking
  •     Enhancing accessibility and inclusion within education


Wolverhampton Blue Plaques iOS App

Through the AHRC funded Connected Communities Digital Building Heritage project this project involved working with Wolverhampton Civic Society in order to produce an app for iPhone that would allow users to explore the rich history of Wolverhampton through the collection of Blue Plaques situated around the city.

This app uses the user’s location to help guide them around the city in search of plaques commemorating interesting people, events, buildings and companies from the city’s history. Each entry in the app tells a story through text and images. A web interface allows the Civic Society to update details and add new plaques that the app then downloads without the need for a full update, meaning that the contents can be built on and improved over time.

This project was co-ordinated by the Digital Buildings Heritage Group in the Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities at DMU. IMT provided the skills to produce the application and the administration web site.

Participants: Thom Corah, Nick Higgett


Welford Cemetery iOS App

Welford Road Cemetery in Leicester is prominent due to its place as the only cemetery available to Leicester residents through much of the Victorian era. Working with the Friends of Welford Road Cemetery we created an iPhone application that features a collection of the more notable stories of those interred in the cemetery, unveiling what is in many cases a dark history.

Funded by the AHRC this project was co-ordinated by colleagues in the Digital Building Heritage Group in the Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities at DMU. Where the Digital Building Heritage Group produced the necessary designs and resources for the project, IMT built the application and the web portal through which the Friends of Welford Road Cemetery can keep the contents of the app up to date.

Participants: Thom Corah, Nick Higgett




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