Audio and Acoustics


Research in this area includes 3D sound recording, synthesis and rendering techniques, data sonification, acoustical virtual reality and audiology.

IMT projects in this area are:


Comparative perceptual studies: Towards the development of virtual auditory environments for the blind

Within the framework of developing assistive virtual auditory environments for the visually impaired; this project explores the relationship between movement, auditory perception and sound more.


Evaluating the effectiveness of asymmetrical directional microphone configurations on BTE hearing aids

Hearing aid bilateral fitting in hearing impaired subjects raises some problems concerning the interaction of the perceptual binaural properties with the directional characteristics of the device. Particularly, the benefit of directional cardiod microphones (DD), aiming to facilitate frontal speech perception in noisy environments, is controversial, as many users still opt for the use of an omnidirectional microphone configuration (OO). Attempts to use an asymmetrical (OD/DO) microphone configuration (omnidirectional in one side, and directional in the opposite) did not demonstrate decisive advantages compared to a symmetrical directional mode, although this seem not to worsen the performances in terms of speech more.


The Sound of Proteins

Sound and image are always found to be not only exciting, but also useful to characterize and distinguish objects. In particular, along with imaging, the sound rendering of various physiological signals (e.g. heart sound) has been seen as one of the diagnostic tools in medicine. A part from a few studie, in line with the advances in the post-genome era, the sonification concept at the molecular level (e.g., proteins) does not seem to have been taken into more.



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