Interactive and Media Technologies

Physical Human Computer Interfaces

Development and evaluation of interfaces for individuals with sensory disabilities

Virtual and Augmented Reality 

Development and implementation of sound synthesis techniques.

Audio and Acoustics

Research in 3D sound recording, synthesis and rendering techniques, data sonification, acoustical virtual reality and audiology.

Solutions that support the creative, educational, gaming and health markets and research

The IMT group connects researchers from across the Faculty of Technology and beyond with a common interest in interactivity and media technology. The group carries out cutting-edge research in areas such as audio acoustics, video and graphics, physical human interfaces, virtual and augmented reality, and mobile technologies.

The group has expertise in the following areas:


Loss and Gain


Assisting hearing, expanding listening

An immersion in the world of hearing impairment and an exploration of the assistive technologies developed at DMU, all within an interactive sound installation.

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Virtual reality for the blind

Dr Lorenzo Picinali talks about one of his key research projects, virtual reality for the blind/visually impared.

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The Sound of Proteins

Dr Lorenzo Picinali talks about the Sound of Protiens one of his key research areas.

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