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Funding and Projects


Digits has been very successful in receiving funding to carry out research, below is a list of projects which have received UK and European funding.

Name: REEMS - Range Extension Engine Management System
Money:  £126, 000
Funding Agency: East Midlands European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Summary: Aimed to improve the mechanical performance models used to establish a range-extension methodology, and to introduce the use of computational intelligence (CI) to operate a real-time range extension engine management system to replace the current algorithmic approach. The performance model will be based on real-time analysis of the vehicle operation, and will be tuned to each vehicle.
Partners: De Montfort University, Cenex
Status: Finished

Name: iTRAQ-X
Money: £21.000 (part of £120k)
Funding Agency: East Midlands Development Agency - Transport iNet ERDF
Summary: The Transport iNET have awarded £21k to the iTRAQ partnership, to support further work to bridge funding from the European Space Agency. The team are nearing the critical demonstration phase. The £21k have been awarded by the Transport iNET from the East Midlands Regional Development Fund, which will ensure continuation of the development work whilst a full scale development programme is launched.
Partners: De Montfort University, University of Leicester, Northampton City Council
Status: Ongoing

Name: SMARTRAIL- Smart Maintenance and Analysis of Transport Infrastructure
Money: £3.8M (total)
Funding Agency: European Union - Framework 7 (FP7) (Theme: Cost-effective improvement of rail transport infrastructure Cost-effective improvement of rail transport infrastructure Transport (including Aeronautics)
Summary: The SMARTRAIL project brings together experts in the areas of highway and railway infrastructure research, SME’s and railway authorities who are responsible for the safety of national infrastructure, The goal of the project is to reduce replacement costs, delay and provide environmentally friendly maintenance solutions for ageing infrastructure networks.
Partners: Various European partners
Status: Ongoing

Money: £210,000 (part of 2.65 Million Euro)
Funding Agency: European Union - Framework 7 (FP7)
Summary: A collaborative three year programme to develop a European Network of Mature Triple Helix Regions to promote the development, deployment and use of Intelligent Transport Systems to deliver transport-health-environmental benefits.
UK - East Midland: De Montfort University, University of Leicester, Leicester City Council and Astrium
France - Midi Pyrenees & Aqutaine: Aerospace Valley and CETE
Poland - Mazovia
Italy - Molise
Status: Ongoing

Name: Fully funded PhD Scholarship
Money: Fees and stipend equivalent to the RCUK standard rate (£13,770 for 2012-13) for three years
Funding Agency: De Montfort University’s Research Scholarship 2012-13 scheme
Summary: The money has been awarded to Dr David Elizondo, Professor Francesco Chiclana and Dr Benjamin N Passow to work on "Intelligent Transport Systems: Integrated Traffic Management and Air Quality Control".
Status: Ongoing
Name:iTRAQ - Integrated Traffic and Air Quality Management using Space Services
Money: £85k (part of Euro 450k)
Funding Agency: European Space Agency (ESA)
Summary: iTRAQ is a project to develop a dynamic traffic management system for optimising use of the road network whilst meeting growing demands to sustain high standards of air quality in urban environments.
Partners: De Montfort University, University of Leicester, Astrium (an EADS company) and Leicester City Council
Status: Finished

Name: Toulouse Space Show Exhibition Stand
Money: £1000
Funding Agency: UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)
Summary: Support for an exhibition stand at the Toulouse Space Show, presenting iTRAQ, SMARTRAIL, and DIGITS to conference delegates and the public.
Partners: De Montfort University, G-Step and University of Leicester
Status: Finished

Name: iTRAQ Seedcorn
Money: £21k (part of £45k)
Funding Agency: EMDA Transport iNET / ERDF
Summary: To develop demonstrator to secure ESA funding for iTRAQ.
Partners: De Montfort University and Leicester University
Status: Finished

Name: Embedded Core for RingTrack
Money: £6.2k
Funding Agency: Direct commercial R&D - RingTrack
Summary: Development of an embedded core for RingTrack recover-e devices.
Status: Finished

Name: Establishing DIGITS
Money: £10k
Funding Agency: De Montfort University’s Revolving Investment Fund
Summary: The money has been awarded to Dr David Elizondo and Professor Francesco Chiclana to establish an interdisciplinary transport research group.
Status: Finished

Bids being written now

Various EU FP7, ESA, UK, transport and ICT bids

Name: Intelligent Transport Training Network
Funding Agency: EU FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network

Name: Knowledge Transfer Pertnership with RingTrack
Funding Agency: Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) (TSB, EU)
Other Projects
Name: OPTIcut
Summary: Computational Intelligence (CI) techniques have been applied to reduce the challenges of the agronomical problem of cutting banana hands. OPTIcut, developed by DIGITS at DMU, is proof of a concept that uses of CI methods to deliver cutting strategies which minimize waste. Tests in the field in Central America showed a reductions in waste levels of between 5% and 10%. To read more...