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A dynamic traffic management system for optimising use of the road network whilst meeting growing demands to sustain high standards of air quality in urban environments.


Traffic, Health and the Environment - Intelligent Solutions Sustaining Urban Economies.


Smart Maintenance & Analysis of Transport Infrastructure.

Electric Vehicle Demo Day 2015

Taking place at Mollory Park on Tuesday 9th June. Open to all, register now to avoid dissapointment.


Specialists in intelligent transport and transport infrastructure solutions

The De Montfort University Interdisciplinary Group in Intelligent Transport Systems (DIGITS) is a research group of academics who focus on a wide range of intelligent transport and transport infrastructure solutions. The group is dedicated to carrying out research and developing programmes that will progress the introduction of sustainable urban and regional transport policies across the European Union and internationally.

By working in partnership with industry, transport service providers, government and other research institutes and communities the group provides answers to technological, economic and societal questions around sustainability and modal change. In particular, the health and well-being of communities. Key areas of expertise include:

  • Intelligent integrated traffic and air quality control
  • Mechanical behaviour of pavement and rail track materials
  • Airport and harbour environment modelling and evaluation
  • Geographical information systems and data mining
  • Computational intelligence
  • Embedded systems and ECU design
  • Telematics

Integrated Traffic Management and Air Quality Control Using Space Services (iTRAQ)


Dr Ben Passow talks about iTRAQ, a key project which looks at automatically proposing situation specific and optimised traffic management strategies through integrating traffic control and air quality.

PhD Opportunities

A PhD Studentship in Smart, Green and Integrated Transport - Personalised Traffic Health Planner with a full bursery is available.  Please click here for further information.